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Do you sell (enter equipment brand/model)?

We have availability of equipment and materials from hundreds of manufacturers - just about everything in audio/visual, data cabling and networking.  We do sell individual items to our clients, but our focus is providing systems that are designed so that each component operates reliably as part of a system.

We don’t stock equipment. We sell to a particular need. Beware of companies that “have just the right thing”, or “a great blowout deal” in their warehouses as they might be offering a “deal” on equipment that isn’t right for your project!

Can't I do this myself?

Many of the systems we sell include at least some materials or components that the average handy person could install.  However, with today's convergence of AV and IT, integration of equipment often requires specialized skills.  Network security, for instance, is something best left to a pro.  Connecting AV devices to your home or business network opens up many features as well as vulnerabilities.  

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Is there a cost to schedule a visit about my technology needs?

No - our first visit is free...  Call us today to meet with a specialist who can introduce you to our company, our process and start you on the path to efficiency.

You're based in Chico...  do you work out of town?

Yes!  We frequently work outside Butte County.  We serve our regular clients with facilities all over California, from Bakersfield to Crescent City,  the East Bay to Truckee.  We've gone as far as North Carolina to install a large scale background music system for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co and service the system from our Chico office.