What is a systems integrator?


What is an integrator?

A Systems Integrator is defined as: “A person or company that specializes in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems work together. They also solve problems of automation.”

Many technology providers have specific niche offerings, specializing in areas like background music, home theater, computer networks, etc, perhaps even marketing those offerings to a specific type of customer. While they may provide for a specific need, these entities don’t necessarily address the concerns of end users and the need for simple, unified means of operating and/or maintaining these systems. Non-technical users of these systems will suffer from disparate systems that aren’t interoperable.

For instance, there are many solutions for home or business that are driven by apps that can run on a phone or tablet. Many of these systems are billed as “easy to install”, DIY solutions. Mass merchants offer doorbell cameras, home surveillance systems, and AV system components that run on apps, but what you will find as you add each piece into your tech puzzle is that each app has strengths and weaknesses and that your thumbs get tired, bouncing from one app to another. These separate systems can do more for you if they are correctly selected, installed and integrated.

Tri Path offers custom solutions that unite highly technical systems under one control interface, making the life of the end user much simpler, and greatly increasing the reliability of their systems.

Our Commitment

When you engage our company, we commit to deploy our people and our process, not to sell volume of product but rather to discover the true need and the best approach to address it.

Years of discovery have driven us to refine our project management and development process to insure success by identifying the technological needs of end users, the only way to deliver successful projects.

From our first needs analysis visit through system closeout, you will see that we bring much more to the table than others in our industry. We report on our findings throughout our process. We draft plans in-house, clarifying our intent with the detail your project deserves. We play well with other trades and are right at home in the project management process with your general contractor, architect and others.

We design systems that include the latest, proven technologies, not items that are sitting in our stock room. We produce documentation that sets our installation team up for success, allowing them to accurately and efficiently execute your installation. We document changes and field conditions to produce accurate as-built documentation, providing a system legacy that allows for efficient service, additions or changes after a system is deployed. We train our customers in the operation of their systems and provide support after the sale with a dedicated service manager to handle anything that might arise.

We commit to be with you for the duration, not just for the deal.