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Audio Visual, Networking, Surveillance, Home Automation and Stage Lighting Systems for your Business, Home, School or Church.

At Tri Path, we are careful to avoid adding “me too” offerings in an attempt to sell more systems. Each of our services are inter-related and spring from our background in live audio visual and stage lighting production, music recording, computer networking, and from our passion to make the lives of our customers easier and more enjoyable.


You can’t expect a quality outcome without a solid understanding of the basic need…

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Meeting Space / Conference Room Audio Visual Systems

From simple huddle rooms to full corporate boardrooms, we have the experience to help you leverage technology to foster innovation and communication within your organization.


Systems that allow direct collaboration and communication with vendors, co-workers and perspective employees are more affordable than ever, bringing them within reach for small businesses, school districts, etc.


Background music systems are virtually everywhere, playing elevator music to energetic content that energizes employees and/or customers.  The music played in a commercial setting is a branding opportunity that needs the support of a well-engineered and excellent sounding system. 


We put our years of experience in live audio and video production into the systems we design and install for churches, performance venues and school multi-use rooms. Clarity and reliability are paramount, but aesthetics and safety are also concerns one should have when selecting a provider for your next system.


To support the ever-increasing load of devices and demand for bandwidth on networks it is important to select the correct cable and equipment.  Installed properly, a well-engineered system will keep your home or business running like a top.  Many companies “pull cable”.  Our staff is manufacturer-certified to correctly install and terminate structured cabling and we use industry standard testing to verify every cable run. 


One touch, even the sound of your voice can dim the lights, play music, adjust the thermostat, lock the doors and arm the security system.  Your home can also respond to your schedule and needs automatically.  Implemented properly, home automation can seamlessly bring complicated systems together in ways that will amaze you.  Contact us today for a demonstration.


The performance of audio and conferencing systems are limited in rooms with challenging acoustics.  Current building design trends address aesthetics with light and bright, open spaces - generally the worst acoustic environments that make communication difficult.  Whether your church, gymnasium, restaurant, conference room or office suffers from poor acoustics, call us for a consult today.

Council Chambers Systems

Governing bodies require a high level of systems integration to meet requirements of public access and record keeping. With our solutions, system operators benefit from automated meeting archival, request-to-speak queues, toastmaster timers, streaming services, etc.


We offer the latest in surveillance technology for the residential and commercial client with solutions for single family homes to organizations with multiple locations. Residential systems can be coupled with home automation for a powerful feature set.  Today's commercial systems offer vast monitoring and integration options. Contact us for a consult!


Keep your employees and/or customers up to date on upcoming events and promotions, sync digital menu boards with your point-of-sale system, bring in extra revenue with advertising and more.  We can help you design and manage the right system for your organization.


Business clients with multiple meeting spaces often struggle with scheduling of rooms that are in high demand by their staff.  We offer room systems that automate the process of booking meetings and inviting others.  Syncing panels outside meeting rooms to your corporate scheduling system allows users to schedule sessions in advance or see if a room is vacant for an ad hoc meeting. 


From one-room entertainment systems with surround sound to whole home systems with indoor/outdoor audio visual distribution, we have the expertise to knock your new construction or remodel project out of the park.  You'll appreciate how we differ from other residential systems providers, and your general contractor will too. 


We are experienced in the deployment of network hardware, including WiFi for guests and staff.  We also offer upgrades that vastly improve the performance of residential wireless.  If you are frustrated with the equipment provided by your ISP or struggling with DIY solutions you're not alone...  We can help.


We design, install and program conventional and LED stage lighting systems for churches and performance venues.  LED stage lighting has made quantum leaps over the last few years.  Call us today if you're considering a lighting update and would like to see the huge energy savings and increase in system performance you would experience in a move to LED.